1. Epik High - Spoiler + Happen Ending. Glory in Epik High’s comeback!!!!!!!!! On days when I feel really shitty and down, I always rely on their music to pull me through.  Worth a listen if you have the time. The track I’m mostly looking forward to is Amor Fati though, because it features Kim Jongwan from Nell (which is also an amazing band that has excellent music).  Doubt a MV will come out for that, but the song is AMAZING. Just. afkj;lsafdsjk;ls;akjlfads;. Listen to it also if you have the chance~!!!!

  2. Those duck tacos I was talking about. I like my duck medium rare, but this duck breast came out more on the medium well done side ;(


  3. A Note About This Year’s Kpop Agency Scandals (at least I tried to keep it short)

    Well, honestly I could probably write an essay about this, no joke, but just some thoughts for you who think this year’s kpop agency scandals are new and horrifying.

    1) They are horrifying. They aren’t things to laugh about. People who think ZE:A’s leader posting about his depression and thoughts about suicide and being slapped by his CEO all the time… I want you to think about what you would do in that situation and then think about how you would feel if somebody said, oh, you’re just an attention seeking whore who wants money.

    Guess what. WANTING MONEY ISN’T A BAD THING. If I sign a contract saying I’m supposed to get 30% of my royalties, guess what, I’m allowed to complain if I don’t get that. If I sign a contract that says I’m allowed to renegotiate the contract after 5 years, guess what, I’m also legally allowed to do that. It’s ridiculous the things people were saying. Honestly, if you looked at any of his past behavior, I would say that boy needs support and medical help, not people saying he should throw himself off a bridge because he wants money. And anytime somebody makes a joke about suicide, I just feel nauseous.  Somebody taking their own life isn’t ever something to joke about. Ever. It’s one of the most inhumane things I can think of somebody ever saying to another person.  If you were one of those people who said those things, you can stop reading now because you probably won’t give two fucks about what I’m writing.

    2) They aren’t new. They are fucking old as dirt.

    Why do you think South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in developed countries? Why do you think they recently instated laws against cyber bullying? I’m just going to remind you of some recent and not so recent events to jog your memory.  Hmm. Where to start…

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  4. Duck Tacos and Random Things

    I made duck tacos. They taste amazing, but because of the ongoing parotitis, my appetite barely exists. I did eat two of them though. No pictures because my duck slicing was so bad, the tacos are so ugly >.>.

    If curious about recipes:

    - One duck breast with skin on. Rub with chinese 5-spice, salt, and pepper. Make sure to score the skin and pan-roast it.

    - Small tortillas

    - One cucumber. Slice half of it lengthwise and the other half crosswise. Use the cross slices to pickle in sugar, rice vinegar, and some salt. You could think of it as a marinade or a light salad dressing, whatever.

    - Hoisin sauce, chili pepper paste, the lengthwise cut cucumbers, and one chopped scallion for condiments.

    Very fast and easy to make. Biggest hurdles are getting the cut of duck you want and getting decent 5-spice, although you could make it from scratch if you can’t buy it pre-mixed. Also save the rendered duck fat to make lovely things with! Sauteed vegetables, mashed potatoes, etc. Anything you can use butter for, you can use duck fat.

    Other than cooking and taking meds, I had a small crying fit this morning mostly because I am tired of being sick and in pain. Meh. At least I got some decent sleep yesterday.


  5. Upcoming Kpop boy groups and continuing sickness

    So my respiratory infection is getting better, but I also got parotitis (which is inflammation/infection of the largest salivary gland), so I basically spend my days doing an experiment, going to the doctor, eating way too many fucking pills (also why the fuck are antibiotic pills 800+ mg, please, I can’t swallow that shit), feeling super shitty in a range (from omg can I just stab my face in it would probably be less horrible, which is typically when my meds are wearing off, to bearable pain where I just want to sleep), and watching lots of kpop videos, which I only seem to do when I’m sick. I did manage to submit my petition for candidacy, but I should really be writing my proposal which is obviously not happening when I want to bash my face in half the time. This leads me to my next random block of text.

    Upcoming kpop boy bands:

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  6. Shitty Morning Incoming

    Feeling like shit this morning (a continuation from last night) and my guild leader sent me a note that some other guildies think I’m elitist in how I treat items in the guild chest (common and officer use). I am legitimately confused as nobody has said anything to me directly and asked him to tell them to talk to me directly or send me a note in game so I can hear their opinions directly. Dunno, just sort of came out of left field for me since I try to make time to help guildies with crafting and stuff.


  7. An Update

    Somehow finished my abstracts so I’m writing my proposal now. Dealing with an allergic response to my medication that I developed but am taking Allegra on the side.

    Worst part is the bad days you get even with meds and you feel beyond fucking horrible and you don’t want to stay in lab because you’re randomly crying for no reason. Thank god for toilets.


  8. Having mental breakdowns in the toilet isn’t fun.

    Just saying

  9. Forgot to take a pic before I ate because I was so hungry. Was good ^^


  10. Eating at a legit hole in the wall

    It’s a family owned vietnamese place that only has around 10 tables and is run by an old couple. Literally hole in the wall…. I’m hoping it’s not bad ^^