1. Having mental breakdowns in the toilet isn’t fun.

    Just saying

  2. Forgot to take a pic before I ate because I was so hungry. Was good ^^


  3. Eating at a legit hole in the wall

    It’s a family owned vietnamese place that only has around 10 tables and is run by an old couple. Literally hole in the wall…. I’m hoping it’s not bad ^^


  4. Thinking of taking leave for one semester

    I’m still adjusting to my medication. My mental state varies so much from hour to hour, I hate it so much. Right now I’m crying on the train because I feel so miserable on the way to pick up my meds. I’m just totally unmotivated and unhappy to continue research and classes right now. I just feel like I’m coming apart at the seams so after a long time thinking about it, I think going on leave is for the best. I can’t continue on like this. I need to reset myself.

  5. Pork tonkatsu with yuzu jalapeno garlic sauce with mizuna salad from yesterday. Forgot to post it yesterday >.>.


  6. An International Tragedy

    My condolences to anyone impacted by this terrible incident. Not only does this raise even more scrutiny to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is a devastating blow to the HIV/AIDS research community as quite a few researchers were on board headed to this year’s annual International AIDS Conference.  

    I’m wondering if Malaysia will be able to say this qualifies as a war crime under the Geneva Convention, because in that case it will go the ICJ.  Also, poor Malaysia.  It’s been a bad year for them as well.

    Send your thoughts and prayers out.


  7. Sleeping My Life Away

    So the past few months on Paxil, I’ve been feeling progressively more tired and fatigued until it’s at the point where I feel sleepy all the time and I sleep for 12+ hours a day, with some days up to 16-18 hours. I am literally sleeping my fucking life away, and I’ve already talked to my doctor about this, but he’s waiting on lab results to make a decision on if I should switch medication since I’ll have withdrawal symptoms + new side effects depending on what medication I switch to. I just don’t feel in control of body and it’s affecting my lab work, and it’s just fucking frustrating as fuck.


    Going to the doctor again to see if I can at least get something in the interim while waiting for lab results because I can’t work like this. I missed like 3 days of last week because of this, not to mention I feel like my mental state is starting to go to shit (because I’m so angry at my condition but I can’t control this) WHICH IS WHOLE REASON I AM ON THIS MEDICATION IN THE FIRST PLACE because of this. Fuck.

    Sorry for not talking about this earlier with my friends, but it’s something I find difficult to talk about. I’m just so angry and sad about this right now.

  8. Tofu pan fried dumplings with snap peas. Wrapping dumplings was more time consuming than I remembered… But no choice if you want to make non-meat filled dumplings :< There are no good frozen vegetarian options that don’t include mushrooms :<

    I recommend this if you want a nice vegetarian option that doesn’t lose out in flavor to meat-filled dumplings. Also, it doesn’t take too long. Prep + cooking time is less than 30 minutes, so definitely friendly for people who are busy.

  9. Houston grand prix. Don’t ask.

  10. nailartbyaya1gou:


    If I didn’t work in a lab, OMG!!!!!!!

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